We keep your social media connections secure.

Social media platforms such as Facebook have made it possible to manage your social media activity using 3rd party tools. CoSend Connect securely stores your social media connection information (such as Access Tokens) so these 3rd party tools can safely communicate with the social networks on your behalf.

Our approach

CoSend Connect is fully GDPR Compliant and our processes align with the ISO 27001 standard. Our servers and databases use powerful and automated tools to continuously scan for any security issues, and we proactively manage our systems to keep up with best practices.

We take your privacy seriously, and only store the minimum required information to provide our service, and you have the right to be forgotten at any time (see the form in the next section). If you request deletion, your information will be destroyed on all CoSend systems.

Want to delete all your connections?

It’s your information, and we believe in your right to privacy. Simply fill out the form below and we’ll queue your data for destruction.